NASA Space Day

We displayed two posters at NASA SPACE Day.

o Spreading Sunlight: Connecting Communities with Solar Energy Research. Chelsea Price, Allison Moore, Kelly Humphreys and Erica Harvey. (poster)

o Behind the Scenes with the Solar Army: Improvements in Sample Testing Technology. Jayce Riley, Allison Moore, Kevin Kevin Dudley and Erica Harvey. (poster)

 45 plates were made at NASA SPACE Day. 4 additional participants came for the event, but ran out of time to make a plate. Kelly Humphreys, Allison Moore, Chelsea Price, Kevin Dudley, Erica Harvey

Solar Army Workshop with HSTA club

 Solar Army workshop at Fairmont State University for HSTA club students and teachers from Berkeley Springs High School (Elizabeth Spring and 4 students) and John Marshall High School (Kim Clark and 3 students.) Everyone prepared drop plates and ran SHArK and SEAL. Berkeley Springs group brought their SEAL kit and we set it up with them. FSU participants were Kevin Dudley, Jenni Perkins, Erica Harvey.